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2016 Serenade 2016 Serenade

This lively and playful off-dry blend of 83% Riesling and 17% Gewurztraminer introduces notes of white peach and pineapple.

This wine has 1.85% residual sugar.

Our Price: $22.00
2017 Viognier 2017 Viognier

Viognier is a grape shrouded in legend and mystery. With an origin unknown, ancient tales speak of an incredible journey in which the Romans brought this varietal into the Rhone region as early as 281 AD. We celebrate this history and bring you our 2017 Viognier. This wine features a hauntingly beautiful nose of honey, luscious tropical fruit, and ripe peaches that gently whispers the secrets of its past. The finish is delicate, yet powerful as it teases you and softly flirts with perfection.

Our Price: $24.00