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2016 La Copine 2016 La Copine

Luscious Red Wine. A little sweet...like your girlfriend.

La Copine is a wondrous blend of Merlot and Viognier that celebrates the ones we love. An incredibly sexy nose of smoke, and dark fruit is followed by an expansive, yet joyfully sumptuous texture. This spectacular red wine features beautifully integrated tannins and a soft acidity that must be tasted to be believed!


Our Price: $23.00
2015 Cabernet Franc 2015 Cabernet Franc

One of the five noble varietals of the Bordeaux region, a grape that is as unique as it is historically significant. This varietal first gained popularity during the 1600s as it became common in the Loire valley, but its true origin can be traced back to before the time of our lord Jesus. Cabernet Franc is a parent, as its given birth to some of the most notable French offerings we have today, and like a parent, its proud of its children, but confident in its own individuality. Vintner John Calvin gave birth to Cabernet Franc in New Mexico in 1995 when it found its home at Casa Rondena. Terrifically concentrated and multi-dimensional, this medium bodied red wine brings forth notes of violets and earth that will grow and become empowered for many years to come. The finish is soft and deliberate, but deceiving as it clings on for nearly 15 seconds of palatable pleasure that you will wish lasted forever.

Our Price: $38.00